Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mintay Altered Configurations Tray :)

Hello loves!!!!!!!! 
So i want to start this post by saying, and I"m sure you can all relate to this!
When I first started to craft I found certain people's blogs or youtube 
channels and was completely inspired and in awe of their talent! 
I would look at these gals and think "i'll never be that good" and just try my best
to get better in my own right. I have a number of artists that inspired me 
immensely! I would watch them from afar ( too shy to try and talk, because i thought
who would want to talk to little old me??). As i watched them create I would just
fall in love with everything they did! And hope and wish that one day , maybe i could 
be half as good. 

Now after years of being in the "industry" I have learned that it's a beautiful thing
to be inspired by others! To support each other! But i also have to mention
i no longer compare myself to other people! It took a long time for that to happen. 
But once it did i feel like i finally let myself create freely! And to create 
with freedom is the BEST! 

Fast forward to the present, I got an invitation from Karola Witzcak ,whom 
was one of the top 5 gals i admired from the very very beginning, to join 
her amazing new team with her very own paper line!!!!!! First off, i am extremely happy
for her! She is BEYOND talented, and i'm so glad she has now translated this into 
her own business, her own "baby" to watch grow! It was a no brainer to join her team!
I don't think i even blinked before replying YES!!!!!! And all the emotions that came from 
me was surreal. Here was this woman, this icon to me, that I never thought would know
i even existed! And he asked ME to join her team? Miind blowing! I mean really!
I have watched her for about 7 years now and just LOVE her works and her 
personality! SHe is a lovely lady! 

Her new collections for her brand Mintay Papers by Karola are PHENOMENAL! 
I have videos on my instagram going in depth at these lines! I know I am 
rambling, and perhaps have even missed my point by now LOL! But i just want to say 
how utterly HAPPY i am to be on board with her and help promote her amazing 

So here is my first project!!! Using the amazing BIRDSONG range!
Check out all things Mintay HERE at her website!
Full supply list at the bottom, although the bulk is fussy cut gorgeousness from the 
paper line itself!

Supply List:
Mintay Paper Collection Birdsong in 12x12 and 6x6 Paper Pads!

PHew that is a lot of products, but each little shadow box area has it's own special 
scene :) I hope you all like this and are inspired to get your hands ont his gorgeous paper!

Hugs hugs and love! 
Enjoy your week <3 div="">

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