Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lavender Potted Flowers for Prima

Hello creatives~! This week i am blogging from the road! My sister got engaged, so last minute trip up to spend some much needed time with her! She is my soul mate, my best friend, my everything!
And I am so happy for her! 

Soooo I wanted to go ahead and get some blog posts going ( cause we all know
I tend to get behind...cough lol) So i'm going to share over the next few days lots of projects! 

Today I am going to share one of my fave projects I created this year for Prima's 
booth at Creativation! And it's using the Lavender collection!

Now this is pretty crazy for me, I LOVE THIS LINE! in fact it is my favorite! It's crazy
because i very rarely, like as in almost NEVER, use purple! It's just not a color I go to! 
Maybe because I loved it so much as a teen, and my bedroom walls were purple?!?!? I got sick
of it lol. Either way It is growing on me. But hey , this is not purple, it's lavender!!!!! And 
what a beautiful shade it is! You must get your hands on this collection~ 

So here is my project :)
I created this potted plant with wooden carrier and I used lots of New Lavender
and moulds from the ReDesign with Prima. Nothing fancy here! I've noticed lately, I have been
doing a bit more simple projects. But thats just due to time constraints, i'm working on some BIG
stuff to share soon :) 
I do hope you like my little plants though, and they will never die :) 
All supplies listed at the bottom of course! Huge hugs!

 I really enjoyed this piece! All of the ephemera and chipboards make everything so easy
to pull together! The SIIC this year are superb, and the tickets?!? I LOVE!
On the front of my planters are one of the new cast pieces from the new mould! I love this mould
so much! I added Finn's crackle on them to age it :)

 When you go to buy plants/flowers they usually have a ticket sticking out with the 
specimens name so i tried to mimic that a bit. And can you see the foiling on the paper?
It's very subtle, only on some of the script! But it's so pretty!

Supply List:
(affiliate links)

Thank you all oh so much for stopping by! I sure hope you like what you see and will come 
back and visit :)

Hugs and Love 

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