Friday, July 20, 2018

Bleeding Heart Mixed Media Canvas

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be here with you today :)
Sharing my first post for the Artist Playground Challenge Design Team. 

As i looked at the challenge this month and read the summary, I had to question myself about my work and what it means to me. I typically do altered art and mixed media. And each piece can be quite different, but for my first go here, I went mixed media canvas. 

This piece was a combination of me thinking and wanting to convey how i often feel My heart is much too big for this world. For my own body. That may sound weird, but bare with me. I am a very anxious person. I get weighed down very easily by sadness and other things going on in life. So many times I wonder why I feel the need to expose myself so much. 

But at the end of the day. I am who I am! I am definitely emotional, a bleeding heart. And that's what I wanted this piece to show. The small fragile doll laying on huge heart.  Trying to fly with my little paper wings, but not yet knowing how. 

I used all the colors from the mood board, and even took some paint skins and placed them randomly around my piece to incorporate that. 

I also decided, for this project, nothing new! As in , do not OPEN any package. I grabbed a canvas I had already inked the sides on like a year ago. Grabbed my "left over" bins, flowers, embelllishments, etc....  I wanted to just recycle and stop consuming more and more goods and use what I had. 

I have to say this color scheme is definitely a hard one for me. I don't think I have used yellow but a handful of times, but thats the amazing thing of this blog! It challenges us! So I hope you will join along and play this month! Can't wait to see your entries! 
Hugs and love to you all- Miranda Edney <3 p="">

Friday, July 13, 2018

Hot Cocoa Mug with Santa Baby by Frank Garcia

Hello my friends <3 div="">
Back today to share some Christmas in July fun with Prima
and their new release designed by Frank Garcia, Santa Baby. I know , I know, 
too early for Christmas right?!?! But when a DT package arrives with this in it, phew
the ideas start swirling! Plus it's never too early to start on Christmas projects for me!
Because i procrastinate, or procraftinate lol. I have 2 projects to share, but
I will start with the mug here that I just had a BLAST creating. 

But i have to share something with you all, and this is something I have noticed
big time in my years of crafting. Projects like this one, that I like , ME, and I 
spend loads of time on are usually not as well liked by others. 
Whereas the projects I'm not sure of , or think aren't good enough turn out to be 
my most popular!!! It's quite bizarre, and even honey can attest to this lol.
So i guess that says..... i have bad taste LOL! 
Or it says " stop trying so hard." Or the lesson i take from it the most is
" just do what you want, and let the chips fall where they will."
I can't worry about how well received things will be , I just have to keep chugging along. 
So here is my Altered Coffee Cup turned Hot Cocoa Mug! I hope you like it!

 I used almost exclusively Franks designed items with Prima. Memory Hardware and everything, 
but I can't resist using Finn's items on everything i create! the Waxes and Art Stones. 
 I have a tutorial coming up on how I cover objects like this in paper. 
Making it easy to add gorgeous pattern paper to any surface! It does take some time, but well 
worth it to me. 

 And inside my cup, i just made a little winter scene. Lots of fussy cutting. Thats 
always the first thing I do when i get a paper pad!!!!!! And i look forward
to it so much! just cutting out those images ! 
I hope you all like this project and won't get me for posting early on Christmas :)

Supply List :
(affiliate links)


That's it until Monday!!!!! I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!
Huge hugs! 
Thank you oh so much for the visit <3 div="">

Thursday, July 5, 2018

FB Live today. Altered Spool Photo Holder plus apologies!

Hello my loves, echo echo! yes it has been WAY TOO LONG! 
Please forgive me, I took on a new job and it has taken me on a new path. 
With that being said I have decided I want MORE from just having a blog
filled with pix of my projects. I want to CONNECT with so many of you! I want to 
get to know you, share stories, be there when you need an ear! I feel like I lost 
track of WHY i loved sharing my work to begin with. 
It was NOT to be "cool" or popular or any of that. It was about sharing my passion of
crafting with other people who understood me! I started creating friendships that were SO
SPECIAL! I look back now and see where I started changing so to speak. 
I feel i've always been a kind person, but i lost my standards and what i stood for!
Somehow I started chasing those dream teams, now don't get me wrong, i have LOVVVVVVED 
my time on the "big" teams. And the smaller businesses. I'll never forget making it on the 
Graphic 45 team after trying out for so long. I think that day will forever be in my mind. 
I cried like a baby! I enjoyed my 2 year term so much, but honestly thought that was 
going to be the end of the "big" teams for me. But I decided to try for Prima for the 6th year in a row, 
vowing that it was my LAST try. Somehow I made it! And now here i have been for 3 years. 
Very happy! I've had so many opportunities and met the most amazing teammies, and 
been able to fly and teach at Art Venture in Phoenix the last 2 years. It has been a whirlwind of 
However in this time i got SO CONSUMED with deadlines and all that goes along with it. I feel like
I lost ME! I lost what I stood for. Back when i first started on youtube way back in the day
i felt it was so important to comment back on each and every comment. To sit and read them. 
To SHOW MY APPRECIATION! And with all that i get wrapped up in , I lost that! 
So it's time to get back to me!!!!!!!!! Time to start fresh! It's never too late! 
So here is my public apology. For anyone i've hurt or ignored ( trust me it's never intentional), or just 
not commented on your posts and shown my love. I truly apogolize! 
If there is ANYTHING you want to speak to me about plz email me at my direct email. 
That is the only one i really check. I just got so buried in messages I gave up on replying or checking. for that I am sorry! Please know I tend to go forward spreading my love and joy with all of you!
I will still be crafting my booty off :) Just doing it with some more joy, recording the 
process. More videos! More spreading love! 
I truly appreciate all of you who have stuck by me! THANK YOU! 
And i truly love you with all my heart! 
Huge hugs and all my love <3 div="">

So since I am here I will show you my project I am doing LIVE today! 
It will be on Prima's FB page 2pm Eastern Time , so i would LOVE for you all to join me! This is creating using Finnabairs new launch at Michaels. Perfect for beginners, or if you are advanced add to it and go to town!  Just to get up to speed a bit. 
from now on expect tutorials. Step by steps! More of helping new crafters and just
sharing my passion. I <3 all="" div="" nbsp="" you="">

This is an altered wooden spool turned photo holder. I promise you this is a quick 30 minute make! Come and watch me create here :)

Supply LIst :
(affiliate links)

Thank you so much for watching! And i truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart! <3 div="">

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Havana Collection Altered Letter

Hello blogging friends!
PHew I know it's been awhile since i've stayed up to date, but I had to pop
in and share this amazing new line from Prima!!!!!!!
The Havana Collection is one of their new releases, along with Santorini!
And they have a gorgeous new Julie Nutting release and amazing washi
tapes for the PTJ's! Check out the blog here for all the new releases! 
And the design teams amazing inspiration! 
I feel very blessed to create with such inspiration girls!

I altered this letter to sit pretty on my gallery wall. The collection truly is
one of my faves! It's classic Prima style! And the colors are beautiful! 
I used the 12x12 Papers to showcase the foil on it! 

Check out the new website and stay current with all the happenings :)

So here is my letter "M" 

 I used 2 sheets of the paper to add some contrast, and of course lots of fussy cutting!
I love the flowers that are being released! This pink one is just a glimpse of the 
gorgeous coordinating flowers! They are like my all time favortite
"Odette" flowers from Prima! <3 br="" them="">
 The only item I added in was some chipboard from Um Wow Studios!
I just liked the geometric pattern which i added gold foil paint to as well so 
it matched and complimented the paper! 
I hope you all like my project :) More to share soon! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mintay Altered Configurations Tray :)

Hello loves!!!!!!!! 
So i want to start this post by saying, and I"m sure you can all relate to this!
When I first started to craft I found certain people's blogs or youtube 
channels and was completely inspired and in awe of their talent! 
I would look at these gals and think "i'll never be that good" and just try my best
to get better in my own right. I have a number of artists that inspired me 
immensely! I would watch them from afar ( too shy to try and talk, because i thought
who would want to talk to little old me??). As i watched them create I would just
fall in love with everything they did! And hope and wish that one day , maybe i could 
be half as good. 

Now after years of being in the "industry" I have learned that it's a beautiful thing
to be inspired by others! To support each other! But i also have to mention
i no longer compare myself to other people! It took a long time for that to happen. 
But once it did i feel like i finally let myself create freely! And to create 
with freedom is the BEST! 

Fast forward to the present, I got an invitation from Karola Witzcak ,whom 
was one of the top 5 gals i admired from the very very beginning, to join 
her amazing new team with her very own paper line!!!!!! First off, i am extremely happy
for her! She is BEYOND talented, and i'm so glad she has now translated this into 
her own business, her own "baby" to watch grow! It was a no brainer to join her team!
I don't think i even blinked before replying YES!!!!!! And all the emotions that came from 
me was surreal. Here was this woman, this icon to me, that I never thought would know
i even existed! And he asked ME to join her team? Miind blowing! I mean really!
I have watched her for about 7 years now and just LOVE her works and her 
personality! SHe is a lovely lady! 

Her new collections for her brand Mintay Papers by Karola are PHENOMENAL! 
I have videos on my instagram going in depth at these lines! I know I am 
rambling, and perhaps have even missed my point by now LOL! But i just want to say 
how utterly HAPPY i am to be on board with her and help promote her amazing 

So here is my first project!!! Using the amazing BIRDSONG range!
Check out all things Mintay HERE at her website!
Full supply list at the bottom, although the bulk is fussy cut gorgeousness from the 
paper line itself!

Supply List:
Mintay Paper Collection Birdsong in 12x12 and 6x6 Paper Pads!

PHew that is a lot of products, but each little shadow box area has it's own special 
scene :) I hope you all like this and are inspired to get your hands ont his gorgeous paper!

Hugs hugs and love! 
Enjoy your week <3 div="">