Thursday, July 5, 2018

FB Live today. Altered Spool Photo Holder plus apologies!

Hello my loves, echo echo! yes it has been WAY TOO LONG! 
Please forgive me, I took on a new job and it has taken me on a new path. 
With that being said I have decided I want MORE from just having a blog
filled with pix of my projects. I want to CONNECT with so many of you! I want to 
get to know you, share stories, be there when you need an ear! I feel like I lost 
track of WHY i loved sharing my work to begin with. 
It was NOT to be "cool" or popular or any of that. It was about sharing my passion of
crafting with other people who understood me! I started creating friendships that were SO
SPECIAL! I look back now and see where I started changing so to speak. 
I feel i've always been a kind person, but i lost my standards and what i stood for!
Somehow I started chasing those dream teams, now don't get me wrong, i have LOVVVVVVED 
my time on the "big" teams. And the smaller businesses. I'll never forget making it on the 
Graphic 45 team after trying out for so long. I think that day will forever be in my mind. 
I cried like a baby! I enjoyed my 2 year term so much, but honestly thought that was 
going to be the end of the "big" teams for me. But I decided to try for Prima for the 6th year in a row, 
vowing that it was my LAST try. Somehow I made it! And now here i have been for 3 years. 
Very happy! I've had so many opportunities and met the most amazing teammies, and 
been able to fly and teach at Art Venture in Phoenix the last 2 years. It has been a whirlwind of 
However in this time i got SO CONSUMED with deadlines and all that goes along with it. I feel like
I lost ME! I lost what I stood for. Back when i first started on youtube way back in the day
i felt it was so important to comment back on each and every comment. To sit and read them. 
To SHOW MY APPRECIATION! And with all that i get wrapped up in , I lost that! 
So it's time to get back to me!!!!!!!!! Time to start fresh! It's never too late! 
So here is my public apology. For anyone i've hurt or ignored ( trust me it's never intentional), or just 
not commented on your posts and shown my love. I truly apogolize! 
If there is ANYTHING you want to speak to me about plz email me at my direct email. 
That is the only one i really check. I just got so buried in messages I gave up on replying or checking. for that I am sorry! Please know I tend to go forward spreading my love and joy with all of you!
I will still be crafting my booty off :) Just doing it with some more joy, recording the 
process. More videos! More spreading love! 
I truly appreciate all of you who have stuck by me! THANK YOU! 
And i truly love you with all my heart! 
Huge hugs and all my love <3 div="">

So since I am here I will show you my project I am doing LIVE today! 
It will be on Prima's FB page 2pm Eastern Time , so i would LOVE for you all to join me! This is creating using Finnabairs new launch at Michaels. Perfect for beginners, or if you are advanced add to it and go to town!  Just to get up to speed a bit. 
from now on expect tutorials. Step by steps! More of helping new crafters and just
sharing my passion. I <3 all="" div="" nbsp="" you="">

This is an altered wooden spool turned photo holder. I promise you this is a quick 30 minute make! Come and watch me create here :)

Supply LIst :
(affiliate links)

Thank you so much for watching! And i truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart! <3 div="">

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