Thursday, May 5, 2016

Queen of Hearts Box for NSD on Live With Prima

Hello creative peeps! I wanted to hop on and share my project for Saturday's super fun
NSD day! Prima has a JAM PACKED day of classes, giveaways , and pure
amazingness hehe! They have 6 grand prizes, and I have a giveway for those who can make
it to my Ustream as well! The show starts at 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET. 
If you can't make it to mine, do not worry. The entire day is FILLED with classes!
Hop over to the blog for complete details! 

I made this Queen of Hearts themed box using the Relics and Artifacts. I have some fun
techniques to share with you! Playing with some fire?!?!?! Yep! I am :)
Hope to see all of you there! Hugs!
Prima's Blog  

 And here is a picture of my giveaway! So you can play with your very own Relics :)


  1. I would love to win this amazing prize of Artifacts & relics... Love your creations...You did a great job doll.... <3