Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Prima Design Team Call 2016-2017

Hello creative peeps :) 
Here I am , dropping in for my very hopeful post to join the Prima DT for another
term. Fingers and toes crossed! This last year on board the DT has been an 
AMAZING incomparable experience. Towards the middle of my term, came at a rocky time
in my life, and most things in my life took a blow. But I have been back at it 
in full force! Hoping to show this company just how important they are to me! 
So here we go! Most of these works are from my last year on board the team. My
number one passion is altered art! So sorry for the lengthy post, but boy its HARD to narrow
it down to a few projects! And they did say "at least three projects" on the DT call. Hehe!
GOOD LUCK to all of you applying! I know how hard it is! Putting ourselves out and hoping
it's "enough" for this call. I'm rooting for all of you! Honestly, I am! Huge hugs!

Arena 3 Altered Art Projects

Okay , this was HARD to narrow down, I tried :)




Arena 4 Bible Journaling Projects
 The new Creating In Faith Line has made a Bible Journaler out of me in a big way! 
I LOVE it so much!

Arena 1 Cards (minimal here)

I dabble here and there with cards, tags, and the occasional layout. 

Arena 2 DIY Home Decor

I just recently redid my ENTIRE craft room with the IOD range, and lots of Prima goodies. I love it so much! So happy to be able to create in here now!

Arena 5 Videos and SBS
 I LOVE to create tuts for my projects! I currently do Live With Prima, and make videos
for my DT posts and Snapguides as well. I have too many to list, most of these 
in this blog post are either on Prima's channels or my own. 
 Here are links to Prima's and my YT and Snapguide to view them. 
Thank you for viewing this quite lengthy post :) 
Hugs to everyone! xoxo


  1. Your work is an absolute joy to look at and you are a peach... they'd be nuts not to have you back. Miss you!

    1. awww thank you my dear!!!!! Miss you much! I just saw your post! Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed we make it together my dear :) YOu are my hero, forever!

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  3. You have the most amazing sense of design Miranda!It sure must have been hard to narrow down on a few projects. I love everything you create. You are in there for another term for sure :)

  4. Amazing projects! I can not tear my eyes!!! Good luck <3

  5. I so want my two favorites - miranda and jaya to be on the team !
    All the best hun ' i am sure you ll get it

  6. Of course you will be on the team again!!! No doubt about it talented lady! xo

  7. Wow they are all absolutely amazing creations..xx

  8. You have made stunning projects! I love your style and you inspires me! Thank you! And good luck!