Friday, January 6, 2017

Art Venture Project "When Pigs Fly"

I am so excited to be able to share my piggy for Art venture! Now mind you we went through the ringer to bring you all a piggy to alter! Everyone wanted it, so we made it happen! it's not "pretty" like the others that i have altered in the past. It's standing and not sitting like the others. Just a slew of things that made it much more difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But bottom line is. Here she stands!!!!!!
Princess Guineverre (Denny named her lol)
Lots of techniques and cool new goodies going inoto making her. And 
I just want my students to have a blast and go home with less fear
of altering items. If you can alter a pig , you can just about alter anything, right?
Lol! So here she is! 

"When Pigs Fly"
I am showing it on whit ebackground at the bottom. The "Prima way" 
You all know i like my picnic table hehe! 

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