Sunday, October 30, 2016

Christmas Ornaments for Live With Prima

Hello lovely peeps! Dusting off the blog here again! Idk why, everytime i TRY to 
put more effort into things , stuff happens. My life is just so chaotic! Especially the last
year or so! for those of you who are still here and supporting me, i appreciate it more
than you could ever know! thank you! <3
I created this Ornaments for Prima last month, and this coming up Thursday 
I will have a Live With Prima tutorial on their channel on how to recreate them! 
I decided for once to keep it simple for my monthly video hehe! 
But there are some really fun techniques, and i think you all will get a 
hint of inspiration hopefully! 
The shaker one is my favorite!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Thank you all for looking! hugs!

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