Friday, September 2, 2016

Altered Bottle Prima PPP

Hello lovelies! 
I am pretty excited to share this altered bottle here today! A couple
of reasons really make it special to me! First off, I used purples! ! ! Which i NEVER
 do! But can i say the new CB sprays from Prima especially Pink Crocus and 
Black Tulip were perfect for this! I have not made it a secret i love the colors
in the new Color Blooms far more than the originals! 
Dragonfly Blue, Magic Stone, Pink Crocus, and Black Tulip have my heart!
Along wtih all the others! But these are the ones i used on here hehe :)
I will have a step out photo tutorial up over the weekend here~! There may
be a few steps missing, but you know how it is when you are creating!
I used some rusty nails that i had found outside of my honey shop. 
He discards items, I find them and use them up! So they are all around the Druzy 
Stones, as well as wrapped up in the Gypsy Cord. I played around with my
Relics and Artifacts until I was happy with the look! 
I did an image transfer, and loads of foiling , and even layers of beeswax
(thanks Linda for my waxing iron!!!!) until I was happy. Loads of 3d gloss gel was needed to secure
the items. it is quite heavy! The topper piece, i have had for so many years i forget where
I got it! Which is such a bummer! But i was so inspired by the picture in the 
PPP board with the purple doors and the arches, I wanted to incorporate
some sort of architecture into my piece. I'm becoming really
BIG on recycling and up cycling. So perusing honey's trash bins, or the 
beach combing for discarded items isn't beyond me lol. 
Anyways, enough rambling. I do mean to make my blog a little more personable
these days. More than just the old "here look at this " routine lol.
I will tell more about it when i post the tutorial :) 
Big hugs to all of you, and i hope your weekend is full of love, light, laughter, and
happiness! If you even are reading this, know you are loved! Cause i love you all!
Make sure to check out the Prima blog for LOADS of inspiration and check out
all the challenges! xoxoxo
(ahem, sorry for the pix overload hehe! Sorry, not sorry?!?! lol)