Monday, February 8, 2016

Altered Chandelier for Prima

post signatureOkayyyy , so this is a special post to me! About 6 months ago I got asked to create
 with one of the new products being released from Prima for the packaging. I literally
almost died from the excitement and honor of being asked to do so! altered art is my life, my love, my
passion! So to see Prima coming out with so many new lines and mediums that make that
love so easy for me is just amazing! So here we are. These gorgeous new wooden DIY
chandeliers for Prima! They have 2 types, traditional and bohemian. I created for the traditional one. 
But for CHA I got to make a bohemian one too! I have more to share soon :) 
'So with all this rambling, I have to say this project is so so so special to me! I was SO NERVOUS 
to create something that would essentially represent the brand. When people are in stores and want to purchase an item, my little project will be pictured there to HOPEFULLY inspire them enough
to make that purchase! So i felt extremely nervous. I finally just started playing! I used the 
Garden Fable line and countless other pieces from Prima. I did an image transfer onto the wood. 
But don't worry, I have 2 more coming up to share , one of those with a tutorial to show you 
how easy it is to paint one and achieve gorgeous results. I really really really feel so strongly about
these gorgeous DIY products Prima is producing. From the molds, to mediums , to even the pieces themselves that beg to be altered. i love this direction Prima took! Of course they still have everything that made us all fall in love with them to begin with. But they have made it a point to cover all
the bases. And i appreciate them SO MUCH for this! 
So here is my first chandelier and a photo of the packaging hehe! I really hope you all like it! Big hugs! has them in stock if you want to get yours today :)


  1. This is absolutely stunning, Miranda. You need to do this on UStream (y)

    1. Lainee, I am !!! Tonight! I came back to see if anyone had asked for one lol. AwesomE! Hope you can make it, if not , it will be recorded and up on Prima's youtube! hugs!

  2. You are so stinkin cute my friend to not think you would be good enough, i understand the nerves because i would be the same if i was creating what would end up on their packaging WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!! yes!! worldwide, Miranda, you finally hit the big time, as if designing for Prima wasnt enough you reached even higer, so proud of you my friend, its lovely when you see someone you know strive for success & reach it, lots of love and more exquiste projects to come i'm damn sure, hugs & blessings, Vick xxx
    vixcrafts on YT

    1. awwww Vick you are THE BEST huge hugs babes!