Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Creating in Faith Bible Journaling

post signatureWell dusting off my old neglected blog here. I figured I would do a little summary in case some of you
don't follow me on Facebook to explain my absence. My mother passed away suddenly and
completely unexpectedly about 2 months ago. my life has just been upside down since then. This year has
been full of ups and downs, but this was a blow I could never be ready for. So, I have been
pretty depressed, nothing has been teh same. I started reading my Bible more though and getting a lot
of comfort from it. One of my fave artists is Jamie Dougherty. She has lines with Prima, and now she has come out with an entire line dedicated to "creating in faith" with Prima. I was over the moon excited to get these amazing and inspiring supplies. We went on a trip to visit some family in Tennessee, so I couldn't take much with me. Just some watercolor pencils a few markers and stamps and inks. And my box of new supplies from Prima. So here are my first attempts at Bible Journaling. Or Illustrated Faith. Whatever you want to call it, I call it refreshing! it is really really relaxing and therapeutic for me! Check out the Prima blog for the master herself, Jamie! She creates AMAZING pages! and the other gals did gorgeous gorgeous pieces as well! 


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my brother a few years ago and we were very close, but losing my mom is inconceivable to me. I love your style and like you I love altering and creating pretty much everything so I enjoy your blog immensely. You will create again, I can promise you that, just give yourself all the time you need no matter what people say. God bless you

  2. I'm so very sorry for your loss Miranda. We lost my brother in a car accident years ago and I know how all of a sudden your world is turned upside down and inside out. There is some pain that is so immense that all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. (((Hugs))) and prayers for you.