Monday, July 6, 2015

Altered Sailboat for Prima

post signatureHello Hello crafty people :)
Back with another share using the amazing June Speical Delivery Box from Prima. 
Its packed with tons of seashore themed items, so it was time to break out this sailboat
I had been hanging onto for awhile :) Once again, I have to say, it was really NICE to just open a box and not have to worry about what I was going to use! Its all in there for you. I wish i could start every 
project like that lol. I used lots of Finn's texture pastes , crackle pastes, and micro beads to add texture to the boat :) i am in love with micro beads, took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon hehe! But now I am hooked! Hope you all like it. Hugs!


  1. What a nice boat... I've just finished going through your YouTube videos. You have improved so much through the years! Too bad you're too busy to make videos like you used to. But I do realize things take time and some of them have to be left behind. I wonder... Do you still make projects that are not for design teams?

    1. Oh yes i do, all the time :) working on one today too. I share everything on my FB page, i try to post it all here.And now i do live ustream classes at least once a month. So even though the vids arent coming like they used to, I've still got lots of stuff going on. I really appreciate your support over the years! Makes me very happy! hugs!

    2. I haven't been there all this time, just this year. The reason I asked is actually I'd like to propose a swap some time in the future. You like crochet lace, and I like to crochet lace, so I decided to offer you some in exchange for supplies, but I figured you need to use items from design team kits, or at leas items people can buy themselves, for design team projects.