Friday, June 19, 2015

Prima Marketing Design Team ... yayyyyy

post signatureWOOOHOOOOOOO!
 i figure this is my blog, so its a safe place for me to scream and cry and let it all out!!! hehe
I made it , I made it! I cannot express how happy I am ! 
I know all of us who go after this dream, and not making it year after year was so hard. 
So to make it thsi year was teh most amazing blessing! I honestly did not think 
I would ever make the "core" design team. I LOVE being on Live With Prima
, and will continue to do so :) And now to have part of both teams is just a dream!!!!!!!!!
I want to take a minute to say to anyone who tried and did not make it, you are
AMAZING! Do not doubt your talents for a minute! Keep trying! Never give up on that dream! 
I <3 you all, and I know the sadness and hurt that comes from not making  it. I have felt
it myself many years. I give you all a huge hug!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine
the monumental task of narrowing it down to about 20 ladies. 
Run over to the blog and see this list of pure talent! To be among these gals
is a dream come true!
Huge Huge thank you to Sharon and my sweet sweet Cari!!!!! 



  1. OMG - I woo hooed when I saw your name. I am so happy for you - but your work is amazing and so you quite belong on the team. Sending happy and congratulatory hugs your way.

    1. aww Kathy thank you! Was that you i hear hollering? hehe! i know i sure screamed when i got that email! Thank you for the vote of confidence! i so appreciate you!

  2. I've been checking daily for the list. I just love your style and knew they could not pass you up and was so glad to see I was right, tehehe.
    A super big congratulations, Wow Prima- amazing.

    1. awwww Ginger THANK YOU so much! you are the best :)

  3. Well done girl! Looking forward to working with you :)

    1. You are amazing Fran! So inspired by you, it is an honor to work with you this year!

  4. Congratulations. Love your Prima shows, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. YAY!!! you only went and did it again, love ya mate so damn happy for you xx Vick

  6. Big congrats to you Miranda, Love your work and cant wait to see all our creations xx