Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mixed Media Art Canvas

Hello everyone :) It's pretty rare when I find myself able to 
create freely for no particular reason. I know a lot of you do amazing art journals! I 
really am no good at that, because I make everything too bulky. So 
whenever I get a chance I create a little art canvas, and it's my equivalent of the journal.
This was seriously just me adding textures and playing around with my Shimmerz. 
I wasn't going to even share it, but decided to anyways. I used TONS of Shimmerz. 
Just playing with texturez and all that fun stuff. Anyways hope you all like it! 
As always , mention my name for a free bonus product when you checkout! 

Cotton Candy Spritz
Sweetheart Vibez
Power to the Purple Creameez 
I Lilac You Dazzlerz
Tidy Widy Texturez
Punked Up Purple Coloringz
Pink Shimmerz