Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Graphic 45 Snowman Top hat Card Day 11 Blog Hop

For my day 11 gift idea, I made something for the one and only Charee! Featuring the star of Graphic 45, baby Richard! I always adore the photos I see of him, so I knew he would make the perfect little drummer on top of this hat/card! I have him sitting in the birds nest up top, drumstick in hand! The bottom of the hat opens up for the card. Check out the video for a overview and tutorial. 

12 Days of Christmas-My True Love
12 Days of Christmas-Drummers Drumming
12 Days of Christmas-Golden Rings
Graphic 45 Staples
Spanish Moss
Laces and Trims
Ginas Designs Chippies
*Starring Baby Richard!!!


  1. So cute... and Richard is an absolute doll :) Loves your top hat xoxo

  2. beautiful top hat card. It looks like a lot of work,but sure turned out great.

  3. My GOSH Miranda! the patience you have - MY hat's off to you! your attention to detail and skill certainly shows, this is a gorgeous project!! Wishing you and your darling a blessed Christmas! mwah mwah mwah!