Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prima Romance Novel Book Stack

Iamroses DT Project

Hey everyone!!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!!!
I'm here today to share my project this month for Iamroses.
Their flowers make everything so pretty!!!
I created another stack of books, but this time I used paper
mache book boxes from Michael's. It was much quicker to do!
So instead of a drawer in the front, I created little compartments
for storing pictures and letters :)
I am listing this on my Etsy for sale later this evening if anyone
is interested :) Also I will have all the product information listed below
so you can go check out Iamroses site!



  1. what a gorgeous creation. you just don't quite with your amazing talent. I am so blessed to have been the one to hit the buy button first on this beauty. true treasure and it will be held near and dear to my heart. You are one talented lady and don't ever doubt that. hugs and thanks you for all the inspiration you give to all of us.

  2. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! I wish I had seen this post earlier!

  3. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! I wish I had seen this post earlier!

  4. Hi Miranda.. I'm one of ƴõϋƦ big fans in youtube åñð ƴõϋƦ blog Hёέ..\=D/Hёέ..=))Hёέ.. I totally adore everything you've made..They're so gorgeous.. You are such a huge inspiration to me åñð I really thank you for sharing ƴõϋƦ works with us.. Love ƴõϋr idea of making this book stack åñð actually I made few of my owns right after I saw beautiful.. Keep ƴõϋƦ creative spirit glad to find you as my inspiration..hugss

  5. SPEECHLESS!!! This stacked book drawers are soooooo gorgeous!!! I really can't wait to have enough time to start on some of my own lol