Sunday, June 17, 2012

Printer's Tray

Altered Printer's Tray

Hey everyone!!!!! I'm here to share with you all my very first Iamroses Design Team project!!!!
I am not going to lie, I was incredibly nervous when i started this! Felt like it had to be "perfect." As i got into it though, I just started having fun and creating how I usually do! The ladies have welcomed me with open arms, and I knew I had no need to be nervous!
Hope you all like the project!
Here is a list of the Iamroses products used....
R21-104 pale pink
S3-153 (cherry blossom)
R2-15 mini white
G2-921 Gardenia 2 toned
T20-147 semi open rosebuds
R3-15 white
R21 white & black
Link to the store


  1. amazing work. i love it so much. your making me want to get mine out and decorate...

  2. You are truly an amazing designer.. Your work is fabulous I cannot believe the things you can create it is crazy .. You are truly blessed with the talent of creativity I really hope that one day you are able to make lots of money as a designer and allow other to appreciate your amazing talent because you were born to create.. TFS and inspiring all of us out here in the world to be more creative. I am new to posting videos but have been watching in intimidation for about 3 years .. It was not until recently that I finally made a video and entered a challenge .. And can I say that this project is by far the most beautiful project I have seen on you tube to date .. It is gorgeous .. Can you please share some ideas of how I can start to build friends and sunbird here on you tube because I would like to start to be more involved and I need some friends for support in the create world .. Thanks terry - pink flourish

  3. Beautiful project! Just joined your you tube channel too! :)

  4. Hello. you do a great job! job 'll be watching!