Thursday, April 12, 2012

More tidbits Lol.

Okay so todays discussion is about how abusive my honey clearly is..... LOL.
Just messing :)
Today i want to tell you all about  my ridiculous clumsiness! Lack of grace is what i prefer to call it :) I mean any and everything makes me trip and fall! Like "air" for instance! Too much air in a room and i may trip and fall. Just standing up normally sometimes, i start to lean sideways and fall! I am constantly laughed at and jokes made on my behalf! Especially by my honey and his father!
I have hit my head on items in our house that have been here for years Lol. Shelves that i know are there, i will run smack into them and have a pump knot and bruise! One time Chris even put signs up in the house with arrows and "stop " signs pointing me where to go Lol.
And the kicker of it all.......... when Chris and I first met, and had started "connecting" if you will, i was in his kitchen chairs one day and i was trying to be "sexy" ( i just don't have it in me!!!) i was leaning back a little seductively and tossed my hair, and as soon as i did the chair flipped over and on top of me :)
Needless to say i got his attention, but not how i had wanted Lol.
He still cracks up over it!

Okay that is it you all! Tomorrow i will reveal something else! and i will add some pix of my latest project! <3 <3 <3

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  1. that just means that your hair weighs more then you do. LOL tell Chris I will need signs when I come to visit cause I have no balance. I fall over cause I injured my inner ear and just have no balance. I lean sometimes when I walk, not always but sometimes. and I also lack grace. LOL Oh we could be in trouble girlfriend. LOL