Thursday, April 12, 2012

More tidbits Lol.

Okay so todays discussion is about how abusive my honey clearly is..... LOL.
Just messing :)
Today i want to tell you all about  my ridiculous clumsiness! Lack of grace is what i prefer to call it :) I mean any and everything makes me trip and fall! Like "air" for instance! Too much air in a room and i may trip and fall. Just standing up normally sometimes, i start to lean sideways and fall! I am constantly laughed at and jokes made on my behalf! Especially by my honey and his father!
I have hit my head on items in our house that have been here for years Lol. Shelves that i know are there, i will run smack into them and have a pump knot and bruise! One time Chris even put signs up in the house with arrows and "stop " signs pointing me where to go Lol.
And the kicker of it all.......... when Chris and I first met, and had started "connecting" if you will, i was in his kitchen chairs one day and i was trying to be "sexy" ( i just don't have it in me!!!) i was leaning back a little seductively and tossed my hair, and as soon as i did the chair flipped over and on top of me :)
Needless to say i got his attention, but not how i had wanted Lol.
He still cracks up over it!

Okay that is it you all! Tomorrow i will reveal something else! and i will add some pix of my latest project! <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Opening up

Okay so i have been looking around at some of my favorite blogs, and realized that i treat mine as if it is a chore to "upkeep"when i should enjoy the freedom of posting and writing as i please. So i am now going to treat this as sort of a diary. I many not post pictures all of the time, but i will get on here and try  my best to open up and express myself. I want to give people a better idea of who i am, and its hard to do that on my youtube vids, because i get so nervous. So for the next 10 days i am gonna give some random useless fact about myself Lol. And then i will go from there :)

Day 1- I am a lotion fanatic! i mean completely OCD about lotion! i can not survive without it! when i go to the beach, or the pool- my lotion is always with me. Because i cannot get my hands or skin wet and then not immediately put lotion on! So when i step out of the pool to lay in the sun, i apply lotion everywehre LOL. i cannot touch paper without my hands being lotioned cause it gives me chilly bumps! Honestly the worst kind of torture in the world would be to strip me of my moisturizers :) Thankfully Chris doesn't make fun of me too badly Lol. Okay thats the first random fact Lol :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Altered Frame for Nancy

Hey Everyone!!!!! Yeah so i see how easy it is to be a sucky blogger LOL! I am now working from home, so i should have more time to post :)
I am hooked on these altered frames! I got the idea from Pinterest, and this is the first in a series you will be seeing from me, hope you like :)